SWaCH (Solid Waste Collection and Handling or, officially, SWaCH Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, Pune) is India’s first wholly-owned cooperative of self-employed waste pickers or waste collectors and other urban poor.


It is an autonomous enterprise that provides front-end waste management services to the citizens of Pune.


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SWaCH Plus offers products and services that go beyond door-to-door collection -- from ST Dispo bags to household composting kits, from V-Collect events to safe disposal of e-waste. Read about it all here!


Information is power! Read, download and share flyers and pamphlets, films, legal documents and government reports, case studies, media coverage, booklets, links to other organisations and more…


Meet Sugandhabai, an ideal SWaCH member who is happy to introduce you to her work, her colleagues and her organisation. Find out what Sugandha and her co-workers are doing to make this city a better place. “And find out what we are doing to combat Climate Change!” adds Sugandha.


Garbage Guru Award
Watch singer Mika Singh in conversation with the
awardees- Rajabai Sawant and Mangal Pansare who
work with SWaCH- Solid Waste Collection and
Handling of Pune.
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Indo San Award for Swach Organisation  
SWaCH regularly conducts events which are informative,
fun and educational...